Green NCAP is the ecoscore as the Euro NCAP is the safety score. This organisation tests and compares the polluting emissions of cars on the market. Tests from July, which were again put forward by Test Purchase, were surprising because of the good result of certain diesel cars. In its dossier in the last issue, the consumer association also mentions other independent tests favourable to Euro 6d and 6d Temp engines.

10/10 for a Mercedes diesel

In terms of number of stars, the best scoring car of the July Green Car campaign is the 5-star electric Nissan Leaf. Notable are not the 3 stars of the Mercedes C220d 4Matic, but its results for 'Clean Air', which measures the number of harmful emissions. The German saloon car scored 10/10, the same score as an electric car. He owes this to his more efficient engine, his double particle filter and his use of AdBlue.

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